Blood Donation in Sweden

To become a blood donor in Sweden you must be able to speak, read and understand Swedish. The reason for this is to ensure that there will be no misunderstandings concerning the rules for blood donation, which are written to ensure that all blood donated is as safe as possible. You must also have a Swedish personal identity number, an approved ID document and be a healthy person between the ages of 18-60.

Sweden is self-sufficient in blood products, but new blood donors are always welcome. There are about 410,000 registered donors in the country. Almost 250,000 of those donors donate blood at least once a year. Almost five per cent of the population are registered donors.

There are more than 90 Blood Centres, most of them found at hospitals and run by the County Councils. A few of the Blood Centres have moved out from the hospitals to make it easier to donate blood (e.g. at shopping centres). There are also blood buses, which operate in cities, country villages and also visit larger companies.

Do you have an approved ID document?

To give blood you must be able to show some of the following ID documents:

  • an SIS-marked Swedish ID card
  • a Swedish national ID card
  • a Swedish driving licence
  • a Swedish passport with a maroon cover

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